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East of Venice into the idyllic archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, west of Porto across the wide and open Atlantic Ocean. From a surprisingly vintage cantina on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic, to an Hacienda del Vino in Mendoza in the opposite side of the globe, in Argentina. This is a mere selection of the exotic and tantalizing places to which you can venture with Desderi Travel Club.

Cascina Desderi

The creators of Desderi Travel Club are Trond Malmer and Roald Noto – veterans in the Scandinavian and international travel trade. In 2003 they made plans to “retire” to a vineyard in Asti, Piedmont. The plan for the future was to cultivate grapes, produce high quality wine and offer some beds for visitors.

Today the farm produces 25’000 bottles of red, rose’, white and spumante wines. A few beds developed into 30 – in three buildings with suites and apartments. The many years in the travel industry turned out to be a great merit as Cascina Desderi developed into a resort offering all-inclusive tours, arrangements and packages like wine & gourmet tours, birthdays, weddings and meetings & special occasions.

Event management, guided excursions, wine tastings and gourmet dinners are permanent features from March to November – the ultimate season in Piedmont and North Italy. Consequently Trond and Roald never really left the travel business. Like the horses being pulled back to the circus ring by the smell of sawdust…

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Desderi Travel Club

After a lifespan comprising 15 years in Florida, and soon to be 15 years in bella Italia, thousands of guests have experienced the generosity of the hosts combined with their knowledge of food and wine, culture and history in tandem with guided tours, lectures, wine tasting and delicious dishes paired with exquisite wines from the Desderi Cantina.

Cascina Desderi boasts an impressive repeat factor, guests return back year after year, time and again. Incidentally, one question was raised more than once: “Why don’t you offer tours and travel to other places than Cascina Desderi? With your accumulated years in the travel business, you have an expertise, knowhow and contacts, others can only dream of.”

The circus horses smelt the sawdust, and were slowly and not unwillingly, pulled back into the ring. A seed had been planted, an abstract idea was materialized – today Desderi Travel Club is a reality.

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