DTC Specials

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DTC Specials

When Desderi Travel Club receives information, or discovers that very special cruise, a unique train journey or gets inspired to create an arrangement we have always dreamed of – these tours will be featured on DTC SPECIALS

These must not be regarded as “this weeks’s offer” as the DTC SPECIALS are not launched at set times nor on a frequent basis, but rather when we find something we assume may be of interest for the Desderi Travel Club members. The cruise lines and tour operators’, with which Desderi Travel Club has agent agreements, will be featured as soon as they inform about a special deal or unique journey, cruise or adventure

On these tours, Trond and Roald will not necessarily accompany as organizers. This will be informed in the introductory text. These tours have one thing in common; they will be announced shortly before departure – only a matter of weeks or at the most a couple of months. One thing we can, however, promise; you will definitely find an abundance of exciting and interesting tours on this site in the years ahead.